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  1. hynespa
    hynespa importmonkey
    Hi Importmonkey - I would also love to get a copy of the circuit panel switch instructions you created. My personal email is
  2. Jon Dancer
    Jon Dancer
    Great to be a member.. this is my second Sea Ray and couldn’t be happier with her. 1989 3
  3. Anthony Browne
    Anthony Browne
    Anyone know we’re I can find a low profile Microwave , measuring ,; 9 1/2”by 17 1/2, or close seems after Goldstar microwave were gone?
  4. QT1
    Piling project has been completed, I now own a new finger pier also!
  5. Terri F.
    Terri F. KevinC
    Kevin i am interested in purchasing a back plate for mounting a Raymarine 60 going into a Raymarine 215 slot, Is this still possible?
  6. Robert Chazz
    Robert Chazz
    Hi looking for a owners manual for 88 sundancer 268
  7. JimGG
  8. Robert270
    Robert270 sfergson727
    I have a 93’ 270 I purchased, the far back seat that folds in and out the legs are missing. Does anyone know where I can get replacements from. Thanks
    1993 Sea Ray Express Bridge 350 Need anchor locker door and piano hinge and lock
  10. Seascape2
    Seascape2 KSalibs
    Hello KSalibs
    I am struggling with my props and stumbled on your old post about you getting your props dialed in for your 320 with 350 v drives.
    Do you still have the paper work for the props?

    Also what are your nmpg (combined both engine) at cruising speed /rpm

    Thanks in advance!
  11. Windsurfer
    Owner 2005 Sundancer 300
    Does anybody know if a honda 225 will push my 24' sea ray laguna cc boat efficiently?
  13. SniperHockey
    SniperHockey BLR
    Hey - thanks for posting on my thread in regard to my quest of finding a boat cover for my 195 Sport. Could you possibly send me a few pictures of the cover on your boat? I would really appreciate it - thank you!!
  14. Ss_Padroski87
    Ss_Padroski87 KC_Sundancer
    Really interested in your write up on the transom repair. Myself and other have trouble with pictures loading. If possible can you please update, it would help alot.
  15. Weston Case
    Weston Case
    Knot boating today
  16. Brannon
    Brannon NotHerDecision
    You ask me to pm you my info so you could call me to discuss the boat I’m looking to buy 256-668-0973 Brannon thanks
  17. Vincent J. Martin
    Vincent J. Martin Henry Boyd
    My combo mast front light, stopped working. The rear bulb is on w/anchor but no longer comes on with the nav/anchor lights. Bulb is good. Got 12v at each bulb when anchor button is pressed, back light on but front is out. When I press nav, R/G is on but neither mast light comes on. The stern light, below hatch at swim platform was on, but now is out. Is there a fuse for white lights? I'm stumped.
  18. Sunchaser565
    I have a 1987 Sea Ray 23' cuddy cabin 350 chevy mercruiser trying to find out how much it weighs
  19. Jmchugh
    No power to the treat & discharge panel, vacuumed out the full tank, suction pump works toilets clear can’t get other pumps to work?
  20. Happy Dayz
    Happy Dayz BubbaFrsh
    not sure if he is available but can email Bill @
    excellent guy!
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