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  1. Phil Crump
    Phil Crump
    Hey Boat World I’m 2006 Sea Ray a Sundancer new member learning
  2. Dana James
    Dana James Shawn16505
    Did you ever resolve your issue? I am having the exact same problem with my 2012 Sundeck 240. I am also from Erie. Who did you use to fix this? What did they do to fix this? I just had new oxygen sensors put on and 3 hours later it is coding the same thing.
  3. Bwardz50
    Currently shopping 340s (got one under contract)
  4. R-and-R
  5. James M Paulus II
    James M Paulus II
    Need some help with my generator it runs but when I turn on the breaker nothing
  6. James M Paulus II
    James M Paulus II
    Need help my generator isn’t working right
  7. Beau Weaver
    Beau Weaver
    Whats top speed on these boats
  8. Sea Ray Rob
    Sea Ray Rob Rocket
    Hey Rocket, it was great meeting you this past weekend. Just wanted to reach out and see if you could provide the contact info for who did your decking? Your boat is beautiful and the decking looks amazing. Hope we run into you guys again.
    1. Rocket
      Jul 11, 2018 at 3:00 PM
      Sea Ray Rob likes this.
  9. Bumpo64
    As my brother, Charlie Brown, from a cartoon mother would say, ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!
  10. Bumpo64
    Perplexed! Idle speed overheating, STILL! New Impeller? Check! Thermostat?Check! Engine Circulating Pump? Check!
  11. 29montecarlo
    I need to get a generator to power the boat when not hooked up to shore power. A/c, water heater, microwave, stuff like that. Brand, watts?
  12. 29montecarlo
    What are good blue led lights to accent the deck? Waterproof of course.
  13. Flounder
    Just purchased SeaRay AmberJack 250 need parts.
  14. Lou's Skyking
    Lou's Skyking Gimme Time
    looking for 480 to 560 Sedan Bridge
  15. Mark Hoffmann
    Mark Hoffmann
    Searay340 2008. Do bow windows have caulk around them? “service expert” removed old caulk.Then said they didn’t need it? Is this correct?
  16. Hakuna Matata 2
    Hakuna Matata 2 sfergson727
    i have 2002 sun-dance 360 ,,my transmission alarm goes off as soon as i start my stbt engine ,, i replaced the temp sensor ,, still happening ... anyone have any ideas ?
  17. Bentwings
    Looking for a boat
  18. JJ Chones
    JJ Chones saopm
    Did you install an H3o on your 340?
  19. Snafu53
    Ready to cruise
  20. You can call me Ray 66
    You can call me Ray 66
    Been a great summer so far!
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