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  1. Joeykia
    Hello I’m new to these boats I have a 1998 290 and every time it rains water pours into cabin.. I can not locate a drain in the cockpit step
  2. ArtWallach
    ArtWallach techm9
    Hello, Post on the LED replacement is terrific. Helped me replace all lights except for 2 in the Head because I can't open them. I turn but nothing happens. How do you open them? I haven't replaced the rope lighting. You wrote: Rope Lights- 15 feet needed - need 3 dc to ribbon cable adaptors Question: Are the 3 Dc to Ribbon cable adapters in the list or is that extra?
  3. QT1
    Finally! They started replacing the pilings Friday, starting at my pier. Let's see how long this will take to be able to get in the water!
  4. Mark Schallip
    Mark Schallip Glenna
    Glenna Just saw your profile. Looks like you have the same boat as I. Keep me posted on like dislikes on this particular boat. I can't wait to get mine out.
  5. You can call me Ray 66
    You can call me Ray 66
    Feelin pretty stoked about the summer!
  6. Dave & Michelle Sullivan
    Dave & Michelle Sullivan
    Hi all! We just purchased a new to us ‘05 260 Sundancer.The anode kit does not include trim tab anodes. What size should we purchase?
  7. Jimbo270
    Jimbo270 Traillblazer
    You wrote that you have a tent camper for the bow of your sundeck. I have a 2016 270 SDX and I'm looking for the same set up. Where did you purchase the tent top ?
  8. Jake22
    Steering problem 2000 Sea Ray 215 Ec cannot move steering wheel at all
  9. Jake22
    Steering Problem 2000 Sea Ray 215 Express Cruiser
  10. Handsome Transom
    Handsome Transom
    first day away from the dock yesterday after a few on it ensuing everything is functioning . Feels great . Now to go earn some gas money
  11. APL
    APL ZZ13

    You had some problem with Guest spotlight. Can you share the material what you got from the manufacture. Pictures and part list . I think I have similar problems. email is

  12. QT1
    Waiting for pilings to be replaced on our pier before having to move from space to space before launching
  13. cdream
    Will fix almost anything or die trying.............
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  14. villain style
    villain style hynespa
    Congrats on your new boat. I am looking for the same one. Can I ask where you found it and did you have a second or third boat identified I can consider? The market is all over the board for this boat.
    1. hynespa
      I found this one online on Yacht World. Another was self listed on down in San Diego, and two others that were listed in Marina del Rey. The Sea Ray was actually my backup boat - I had fallen in love with the 2005 Tiara Sovran 4000 ... but those are much less common on the west coast - and I didn't want to pay to ship one across country from Florida or Michigan ...
      May 9, 2018
  15. see ray
    see ray
    New to me 40DA hardtop
  16. see ray
    see ray Boatguy49036
    HI I have some question about the 390 can you call me 1-216-780-6846 jim
  17. Mcboone
    New owner woo hoo
  18. Mcboone
    the throttle is difficult to get into neutral any advice would be great!!!
  19. Mcboone
    Greetings I am a New owner of a Sundance searay 268. Our cooler is leaking... any advice on repairs or cost? Also
  20. Sam bevilacqua
    Sam bevilacqua KevinC
    i get no power to the windless motor which battery supply the power can't seem to figure it out give me call 2258765
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