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  1. Handsome Transom
    Handsome Transom
    Been focusing on other things and trying not to be in here as much this winter so I dont get the winter blues because my boat still sleeps
  2. GTN
  3. SR No 7
    SR No 7
    Active on Chesapeake Bay MD
  4. SR No 7
    SR No 7
    2005 SR320 Twin 350 Max with V Drives
  5. Al morrison
    Al morrison
    460 sundancer 450 cummins
  6. Chris S
    Chris S AeroNick
    Greetings, I'm interested in how you like the 260. What's powering it, the 350 or 496? Have you had any problems with it? I am looking at a 2008 with the 496. It will be my first boat. Very little info on this page that i can find about the 260 sundeck. Thanks in advance, C
  7. Fancis Lings
    Fancis Lings
    Something learned every time I go boating - usually after I've made a mistake
  8. Zero
    Looking for next one!!
  9. Griff 4
    Griff 4 badtothebones
    Hi Bad to the bones. Gulfports floating dock is now repaired. We went over there the other day. We now frequent the American Legion 273 docks at Madiera Beach, The Sea Dog Brewing Company docks, the Wharf, Sea Critters, the Pub, and of course, Gulfport. Let me know by text when you want to meet up at one of these fine establishments. Griff 727-269-4660.
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    2. badtothebones
      Hello, thank you we enjoy going to Gulfport and also Sea Critters... will do! Thank you
      Jan 16, 2020 at 8:10 PM
  10. Thomas E Ellison
    Thomas E Ellison
    Looking for picture of a Bini Top made for a 310 without Arch ???
  11. Melissa
    1994 230 DA 350 v8 RWC
  12. TUS NUA
    TUS NUA andy k
    Hi Andy,
    Before I ask my question(s), I want to lay it out there that I am very new to boating. In fact, I have never used an anchor outside of a canoe...

    When setting up your anchor, at what point are you tying the support lines to the chain? Are you letting out chain and then moving forward to create the slack to run the support line?

    I really appreciate your insight on this!
    1. andy k
      andy k
      We typically run a scope of 3 : 1 since our rode is all chain. I connect the bridle to the chain about 5-8 ft from the windless. If you have a mostly rope I would run a scope of 5:1.

      If you are just anchored out for a few hours on a calm day without much boat wake I would not use the bridle. I would just connect the line to your clean to take the load off on the windless.
      Jan 8, 2020
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  13. sandra Sciacca
    sandra Sciacca
    Love boating in NJ!
  14. sandra Sciacca
    sandra Sciacca
    We love being on the water and exploring the NJ Coast! Recently bought a 2005 290 as. We are looking forward to a great season !
  15. Claude Picinali
    Claude Picinali
    Aussie DownUnder 2006 280 DA
  16. AeroNick
    2007 260 Sundeck
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  17. AeroNick
    2007 Sea Ray 260 Sundeck
  18. Sea monkey
    Sea monkey
    One knot at a time.
  19. Todd M Caldwell
    Todd M Caldwell skunkman
    There is a 330 Sundancer in Causeway cove Marina Ft Pierce, hasn't ran in about a yr. The owner lives up north and lost his leg so he is selling it. Last I heard he wants $15K . If you are interested Amanda 772-940-4648 might be able to help
  20. Robert Chuber
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