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  1. "Lawn Jockey"
    "Lawn Jockey" Late Start need to dress this profile up a bit my friend. Its worse than your Facebook page.
  2. The Bill Collector
    The Bill Collector paulswagelock
    thanks Paul... I can paypal the funds today to you.

    Mark D Flaten
    1301 SW 360th St
    Federal Way, WA 98023
  3. thosmann1
    Hi, I just posted the drawings on the forum, I hope it helps. One thing, the top has a 1” crown (not shown on the sketch). Thanks
  4. thosmann1
    Sure, send me your email and I’ll send a copy.
  5. BayDancer
    BayDancer Jaybeaux
    Hi Jay,
    I enjoyed reading your post. We are new members and are considering the purchase of an 08 Sundancer 48 CUMMINS QSC 550. We are near Federal Hill inner harbor / Potomac ....Who did you use for survey

    Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.
    THANKS , Ron
  6. ChriSteve
    New Owners of a 2006 Sundancer 320
  7. importmonkey
    importmonkey thosmann1
    Mind sharing your drawings for the sunshade? This inspires me to design my own too. Just don't like what I've seen so far, but I love this!

  8. see ray
    see ray Pony Racer
    What is a good price for a 05 with diesels, the prices are all over the place , NADA put the boat at $106-$120k , and that won't happen even at + 15% , boat With diesels BUC IS 135-$150, +15% and boatus valued the diesels at $141 ????? +-15%. I'm so confused !!!! LOL
  9. see ray
    see ray Pony Racer
    i would preference the gas 420 Hp but this diesel is local and well maintained , ??? The brokers/private owners are askin $169-$189-$205 with diesels , the lower prices are very high hour 379 HP , THE 06- 40DA ,S jump to 240-250 ,just because ?? Any thoughts/help is appreciated,
    The boat I'm looking at has a good history/records
    DON SIMMONDS Getaway
    What size is your boat. looks like my 21 I am restoring? Don
  11. Gyroe1970
    Loving My old 87 230 WE.
  12. 401Kation
    Member since 10/13
  13. golfgeek65
    Just closed on a 2005 290 AJ. Low hours and lots of deferred maintenance. Just call me Mr Fix It.
  14. ArthurFuM
  15. ArthurFuM
  16. renaudgil
    Doing the Great Loop now.
  17. LynchMob
    LynchMob Rocket
    Hey Rocket,
    I need to replace my Salon A/C also would you mind sending that drawing to me also.

    Thank You
    1. Rocket
      Hi Gary, sent to your email. Check and let me know. Mike.
      Feb 9, 2018
    2. LynchMob
      Thanks Mike i got it. Looks like its going to be a fun job
      thanks for the door also...
      Feb 11, 2018
  18. Zac
    Enjoying the "Lake like" weather conditions of the past week. Hope it holds
    Boat runs great and excellent condition.. Simply the greatest vessel...
  20. SeaMartinRay
    SeaMartinRay mjoplin
    Thank you for taking time and writing a very in-depth post about converting to led lights. Lots of great info!
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