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  1. Gyroe1970
    Loving My old 87 230 WE.
  2. 401Kation
    Member since 10/13
  3. golfgeek65
    Just closed on a 2005 290 AJ. Low hours and lots of deferred maintenance. Just call me Mr Fix It.
  4. ArthurFuM
  5. ArthurFuM
  6. renaudgil
    Doing the Great Loop now.
  7. LynchMob
    LynchMob Rocket
    Hey Rocket,
    I need to replace my Salon A/C also would you mind sending that drawing to me also.

    Thank You
    1. Rocket
      Hi Gary, sent to your email. Check and let me know. Mike.
      Feb 9, 2018
    2. LynchMob
      Thanks Mike i got it. Looks like its going to be a fun job
      thanks for the door also...
      Feb 11, 2018
  8. Zac
    Enjoying the "Lake like" weather conditions of the past week. Hope it holds
    Boat runs great and excellent condition.. Simply the greatest vessel...
  10. SeaMartinRay
    SeaMartinRay mjoplin
    Thank you for taking time and writing a very in-depth post about converting to led lights. Lots of great info!
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  11. bobeast
    Dance the Tide
  12. Razzle Dazzle
    Razzle Dazzle RetiredMike
    Mike, my 1989 340 EC was just put in down here in Daytona how are you getting along with yours??
  13. Rod-Cartagena
    In need of a good parts supplier in USA for my Sea Ray 460 Sundancer 2001 (new or Used)
  14. Captn TJ
    Captn TJ mjoplin
    Thanks - already ordered some black king starboard. Will be making one up from that.
  15. Charlesoceanone
    Charlesoceanone j98052
    Can you send your walk through to me also?
  16. AnthonyTot
  17. AnthonyTot
  18. joeyleggz
    joeyleggz tdschafer
    Hey Todd this is joe was just wondering if you knew what happed to Jonathan he has been inactive for some time On this forum and his inbox is full just wondering if everything is OK and if you see him at the rendezvous just let them joe with the 33 express cruiser was asking about him Hope all is well with you guys hopefully we can meet up one day at the flotilla or next years rendezvous
    Warm regards
    Joe Spadafina
  19. PabloC.
    PabloC. jgyatesjr
    I red about your problem in 2016. I would like to ask you how happy are you with new engine in terms of torque and power comparing to your 454 engine. I am thinking about the same thing = upgrade older VP 454 to new 6.2 350 on my 25 feet boat. My reasons are reliability, fuel consumption, noise and weight. Did this change brought you some of those advantages? Thank you for your answer!
  20. Russell Grandner
    Russell Grandner
    Enjoying my boat purchased Dec 2017
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