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  1. ahodek
    ahodek Paul Hughes
    I was referred to you by another member because I am looking for the aft cockpit teak for a 2008 48 Sundancer. They said you may have an idea where I can get it.
    TOPGUM tktcpa
    Am also a new 2001 380 DA owner.
    Noticed foul odor when removing cushion wedge behind electric aft cabin bed .
    Inspection reveled dark shiny material in trench around HWH. Scraped with wooden stick to reveal a pink red sluge as the source.
    Could this be simply dried spilled antifreeze from previous winterizations
    If so, what is easiest way to remove it
    Thank you
  3. Christian
  4. susanandlance
    susanandlance Havana Shamrock
    Hey Joe, I need some help on the E-Plex on a 2007 Sedan Bridge whenever you might have time 352-598-8976, thx buddy!! Lance
  5. BellaSolNewcastleWA
    My 2007 starboard 8.1 horizon leaks antifreeze after the engine cools down. circulation pump Going out? Does anyone have experience?
  6. DaytonaJohn
    I restore vintage Mercury outboards with the automatic transmissions
  7. modgameandroid
  8. modgameandroid
  9. modgameandroid
  10. Rocky5514
  11. rwvw415
  12. Edward Chabot
    Edward Chabot
    1978 SRV-197 can anyone tell me the gas tank material?
  13. Chris Crownover
    Chris Crownover mrtopgun
    Hey mrtopgun, I’ve got a JL audio amp and sub but for some reason neither are working, can you help me troubleshoot a bit?
  14. 509 Airdale
    509 Airdale
    You can always tell a pilot, but you cannot tell him much.
  15. Ricky R
    Ricky R
    I have 98 290 w/5.7 EFI Gen II's. Can't seem to get one throttle body to stay running at idle until engine warms up. Changed ICV's.
  16. deerock
    deerock JVM225
    Hi JVM. I am in Farmingdale as well. Across from Sarant Cadillac
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    2. JVM225
      I’m up by the golf course and keep my boat down on the Venice Canal in Copiague/Lindenhurst.
      May 12, 2019
  17. McFly
    McFly dpvandy01
    Hi. I’m new on the forum and was trying to get those step carpets made for my boat. Snap in carpet says they are only listed under your name. Could I get your name so they could look them up?or if you have any other suggestions that would be helpful. Thank you sir.
  18. srizell938
    It’s just a boat. How much money could it be?
  19. jeffrey vargas
    jeffrey vargas The crime scene
    I have a 48 Sundancer with somewhat of the same problem in a bilge area where the AC raw water pumps sit. What I noticed when running the AC, I actually get a lot of condensation coming off the metal fittings and sea strainer. It's enough to pool some water over a short amount of time. I haven't figured it out yet but maybe that's something to keep an eye on.
  20. Sundancer
    Sundancer CapnSkippy
    It's boating season and I hope you are ready to go!! Looks like you got your problem resolved last fall and let's hope that's the ONLY problem! Boats, can be boats however! We're hoping to get out next weekend, but we'll see. Memorial weekend we should be out Thursday night through Sunday morning.

    Hope to see you out there somewhere! I'd love to see your boat too.

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