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  1. Angus
  2. Tim60
    Vacuflush pump will not shut off. (4) new duck bills and new bellow. Builds suction, flushes fine, pump will not shut off.
  3. Steve Leach
    Any luck? I was looking at the same boat and it needs a new one as well.
  4. GaryO
    Thanks for all the feedback.. the boat is in freshwater.. it takes in water when nothing is running ..rear most bilge is on switch only
  5. BigPhatButt
  6. Ryan Comeau
    Ryan Comeau Nodrog
    Hey Nodrog, could you send me some more pictures on the door project? I’m currently having the same issue you had!
  7. Danny Girl
    Danny Girl
    Can’t seem to get both gas engine higher than 3000-3100 RPM. I have new rebuilt engines new factory rebuilt trans and props.
  8. Danny Girl
    Danny Girl
    Hi Searay owner’s, I’m new to this club and thought i could use your help!
  9. Trey Drier
    Trey Drier
    Just bought a beautiful 2003 Sea Ray 500
  10. aquaholic
    aquaholic SEAWOLF
    hey seawolf, i have a 37 express as well. im in NJ , could you send me a picture of your boat in thinking of a hardtop, thanks nick 609-351-2040
  11. James Gillen
    James Gillen
    Does anyone know where the horn on a 2007 SD 340 located?
  12. Robert Bailey
    Robert Bailey
    The windshield on my 350 Coupe "exploded" yesterday. with no apparent reason. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement?
  13. Fatboy0169
    Fatboy0169 Joint Custody
    Hey what’s the company you had make the blanks for the hard top

  14. TikiTodd
    looking for a Sundancer 340
  15. D-Sea-9
    D-Sea-9 Chris-380
    Did you post that you had an e-mail address for the build sheets for Sea Ray? Called them directly and they referred me to the web-site. Nothing there. Thanks Pete
  16. Rod MacNeill
    Rod MacNeill
    Hi Looking for a place to buy a discontinued part by SeaRay for 280 deck boat. Part is fuel sending unit. 20.4 inch must be 3 wire
  17. Andyb
    Andyb villain style
    A post from over 1 year ago mentioned that you may have a SmartCraft VesselView Adapter Harness P/N: 4993480.
    I'm trying to replace my DieselView with an old style VesselView 1.5; apparently I need this adaptor to use my original DV harness. Any thoughts?
  18. JJ Parsons
    JJ Parsons
    New owners of 1996 Sea Ray 370!!!!
  19. Bryan Norris
    Bryan Norris
    Waiting for the weekend...
  20. Nerdmongo
    Living the lake
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