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  1. KellyMagas21
    1987 305-300 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge
  2. RVPilot
  3. kindredspirit
    kindredspirit HUMPH
    HUMPH- I posted this on the 410 thread but thought this may be easier. I wanted to ask what your experience has been with the Trojan J185 batteries. I'm looking for more amp hours and am considering using 2 of them for my house bank/engine start batteries on my 2002 410. Trojan doesn't list the CCA for these and I'm concerned about them starting my 8.1L. Have they struggled to start your Cat engine?
  4. Richard Sheldrick
    Richard Sheldrick
    Current member just joined. Need help in posting an advertisement to sell boat linens
  5. CJW
    Own a 2012 Searay 370 Sportcruiser
  6. Ol Yella
    Ol Yella El Capitan
    Well guys, Ol Yella is on the market! Picked up 1990 Sea Ray 260 with 7.4l (454 big block) that purrs like a kitten and a bravo out drive, stainless prop and only 488 original hours
    1. El Capitan
      El Capitan
      Send pics and details. I lost posts.
      Oct 15, 2021
  7. 200SeaRay
    I'm Back! Been away for a while (Afghanistan) but getting back on the water.
  8. Siwash Rock
    Siwash Rock
    New to power boating and wow things are different than sailing.
  9. Lyco
  10. Lyco
  11. Steve255AJ
    Fist time SeaRay owner. Restoration in progress.
  12. Steve255AJ
    First time SeaRay owner.
  13. dmcgill
    Selling boat to explore another leisure activity
  14. AnthonyCeccato
    Currently have my 2019 SLX 350 listed in the Sea Ray Classfields.
  15. Sea Dawg II
    Sea Dawg II
    Working on my boat.
  16. Jaydelski
    Jaydelski Lazy Daze
    While connected to shore power, should EVERY switch on the circuit panel be in the OFF positions to assure proper battery charring is taking place on the 2013 Searay 240 Sundancer?

    Or should I have the "shore power" and "battery charging" switched to the ON position?
  17. Todd Sevier
    Todd Sevier
    Dry docked for the year
  18. 340DA
    340DA Lazy Daze
    Hi Lazy Daze, When you get a chance, I just sent you a question about some problems I am having.

  19. Suncatcher
  20. Russell Poggiolo
    Russell Poggiolo Monroe Boater
    I saw your post that you replaced the decals on your 1999 Sea ray 280 sun sport. Could you send me the name of the company that made them for you. I have the same boat and am looking for replacement decals.. Thanks
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